Hello World! This is Cusby

Hi Everybody,

Welcome and thanks for stopping by, we are really excited to finally announce the launching of Cusby, the USB-C expandable simple solution for all your connection needs, we've been hardworking for months and we are now ready to present it to the world.

We knew since the announcement of the new USB-C standard that this port with its amazing features of high speed data transfer, higher power delivery, bidirectional, small and reversible functionality will become the new industry default standard for all device’s communications needs, Apple took a big and aggressive step towards the future by introducing the USB-C port as the only connection and charging port in their new insanely thin, light and gorgeous design of the MacBook 2015, Google did also pushed the trend by placing the USB-C port in the Chromebook Pixel 2015.

Connect a Cusby for every port you need

More portable and mobile devices are sure to leave out previous conventional ports to include the new USB-C standard, that is why we set out to find a practical simple solution to always have your options available to charge and connect your devices, with Cusby you can do just that, expand the capabilities of your USB-C port, plug in the right Cusby for the port required, be connected and always keep available your USB-C port, you can piggyback another Cusby to further expand and add more ports for more external devices.

We are now in the final stages of development and will announce soon how and when you can get yours, please signup to our mailing list to be among the first to get it.

Thanks and we'll be in touch and expanding together!

The Cusby Team


Posted on May 1, 2015 and filed under Cusby News.