There's a Cusby for every connection need, don't get bulky dock stations or expensive multi adapters, just get one Cusby for each port required, use it just when need it and still keep your USB-C port available.

These are the first Cusby models available, more ports will be coming, signup to our mailing list to be among the first to be notified.


Power Port

First to get and indispensable Cusby, it will give you a USB-C port to connect your power adapter, it won't transfer data just power to charge your device 



Data Port

The most popular port so far, the USB-A data port Cusby will let you connect any standard device like a smart phone, tablet, keyboard, mouse, printer, etc.



Video/Audio Port

With the HDMI video/audio port Cusby you can connect an external display, TV set or receiver to transfer HD video and audio to any compatible device .


Expand the possibilities by connecting and arranging the Cusby models in any way you need.